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Special Inspections & Materials Testing

Twin Peaks inc is providing Special Inspections and Material Testing Services during the repair and remediation of the 5 NYCHA owned public housing buildings (with a combined total area 502,457 sq ft) and new construction of 1 2-story, 2,100- square foot boiler plant building located in Coney Island, Brooklyn. The first six buildings were built and have been inhabited since 1957.

In 2012, these buildings were flooded and extensively damaged by Superstorm Sandy. In particular, the buildings’ mechanical and electrical systems, roofs, and facades suffered moderate to severe damage from wind, flooding, and sand/ saltwater infiltration. NYCHA has designated this a Category 3 Hurricane Sandy Restoration Project (with 4 being the largest is scale and complexity and 1 being the smallest) and summarizes its scope of services as follows, “Replace damaged components utilizing resilient design solutions to protect against water infiltration such as raising equipment above flood level, using submergible pumps, etc.”

NYCHA hired HAKS to serve as the CM for this Capital Improvements projects. HAKS has, in turn, selected Twin Peaks as the most qualified Special Inspections Agency and Materials Testing provider. TPI will provide services throughout each successive phase of this project, assuming responsibility for and recently beginning the performance of special and progress inspections on concrete testing and sampling, placement, precast members, masonry, steel welding and bolting, piling, seismic isolation, structural stability, firestopping, subsurface conditions, mechanical systems, emergency power generators, energy code items, high pressure gas and water/steam pipes, and a variety of progress inspections. All inspection reports will be completed in-house and all TR’s will be signed and stamped by Twin Peaks’ engineers.

The special inspections for this project were identified by the project’s Architects and Engineers of Record and designated by the NYC Department of Buildings as required items for the issuance of work permits and Temporary and Final Certificates of Occupancy.

Twin Peaks inc will also perform TR-2 concrete sampling and testing services, run laboratory tests on a variety of construction materials utilized, and verify structural stability of nearby buildings during portions of the work. All services, including lab tests, inspection reports and TR-2’s, will be completed in-house.


Project Work:

TR-1, TR-2, TR-4, TR-8, Special, Progress, and Energy Inspections performed at:
• Building #1 – 3015 West 32nd Street, Bklyn, NY – BIN: 3322043/ A2 321457721 – 14 stories – 107 units
• Building #2 – 3030 Surf Avenue, Bklyn, NY – BIN: 3322044/ A2 321457892 – 14 stories – 108 units
• Building #3 – 3020 Surf Avenue, Bklyn, NY – BIN: 3322042/ A2 321457883 – 14 stories – 106 units
• Building #4 – 3002 Surf Avenue, Bklyn, NY – BIN: 3322045/ A2 321457794 – 14 stories – 107 units
• Building #5 – 3028 West 29th Street, Bklyn, NY – BIN: 3322046/ A2 321457785 – 14 stories – 109 units
• Building #6 – 3026 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, NY new boiler plant building) BIN: 3322042/ NB 321457776 –


New York City Housing Authority

CM1402434 / Various/ Various

Wei-San Tjong, Project Manager
P: 212.747.1997 ext.x732

06/17 – Ongoing

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