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Work Area: Special Inspections

TR-1 and TR-2 Special Inspections and Construction Material Testing TPI is providing Special Inspections and Material Testing Services during the construction of the 11-story (plus cellar), 99,967-square foot building. The building is located in the University Heights section of the Bronx, will host a 94-unit apartment complex, is jointly developed by the Bronx Pro Group and Services for the Underserved (SUS), with 63 market rate units and 31supportive housing units dedicated to young adults with mental illnesses
exiting foster care and homeless adults with mental illnesses. The facility will feature various housing amenities and on-site services provided by SUS, including individualized recovery counseling, life skills classes, and job training.

The special inspections were identified by the project’s Architects and Engineers of Record and designated by the NYC Department of Buildings as required items for the issuance of work permits and Temporary and Final Certificates of Occupancy. Twin Peaks assumed responsibility for and performed special and progress inspections on excavations, sheeting, shoring and bracing, subgrade, underpinning, footing and foundation, steel welding, bolting and details, precast concrete, concrete placement, masonry, wall panels, curtain walls, and veneers, firestopping, and private on-site storm water drainage disposal

Twin Peaks inc also provided vibration monitoring services and performed Windsor probe concrete compressive testing,TR-2 concrete sampling and testing, extracted concrete cores for testing, and ran laboratory tests on a variety of other construction materials utilized. All services, including lab tests, inspection reports and TR-2’s, were completed in-house.

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01/16 – 11/2018

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