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01. Professionalism and Expertise

Twin Peaks Incorporated has grown from a small shop with 10 inspectors in 1992 to becoming a leader in the special inspections industry that employs approximately 150 inspectors, technicians, and professional engineers.

That growth has taught us the values of vigilant management and quality control. Twin Peaks, Inc. staff are highly analytical, skilled, and proficient in the services they provide. Continuous, active recruitment ensures that we hire only qualified candidates. Once hired, new employees join TPI’s in-house training program, where they receive educational resources and hands-on training; they also undergo regular evaluations conducted by senior staff.

As a result, TPI’s inspectors and technicians are competent and highly trained. Each inspector is proficient in his/her discipline(s) and trained to evaluate and analyze conditions in the field.

TPI’s technicians and inspectors hold post-secondary and graduate degrees in architecture, civil, mechanical, electrical, and geotechnical engineering, as well as professional certifications. Our professional engineers and technical inspectors are certified by the following national organizations:

  1. American Concrete Institute (ACI)
  2. National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET)
  3. International Code Council (ICC)
  4. American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)
  5. American Welding Society (AWS)
  6. NorthEast Transportation Technician Certification Program (NETTCP)
  7. Alfred State College of Technology HMA Certifications

A high percentage of our inspectors possess multiple certifications, regularly take refresher courses, and pursue additional certifications. TPI’s professional advancement program encourages and supports each employee’s efforts to achieve the highest possible level of expertise.

02. Responsive and Reliable Service

Inspections and Laboratory Testing are service-based professions. Projects involve complex operations, coordination among team members, and demand for concrete results with tight schedules and little-to-no margin of error.  At TPI, scheduling your special inspection is simple and convenient. Services are on-time, thorough, and consistent. Inspection reports are clear and concise.


Twin Peaks, Inc. is sensitive to project schedules, budgets, and progress. Our team will establish a comprehensive data-driven approach as soon as we are awarded a project or an assignment. As a company with a large multi-disciplinary staff, supervision of the dispatch department is provided by TPI’s Field Operations Manager and personnel. Our large number of multi-certified inspectors provide TPI with unparalleled versatility and flexibility in accommodating and responding to our clients’ needs.

TPI’s scheduling system allows our inspectors to administer detailed tracking. Inspection requests can be made by calling TPI at (718) 482-1911 or by emailing This unique feature of TPI’s operation ensures that a trained and fully qualified TPI staff member is available to answer questions, schedule inspections, and provide instant support to our clients. All TPI’s dispatching information is digitally logged, archived, and searchable, providing a rich supply of information for internal quality control and project management.

Dispatch personnel can provide information and facilitate coordination between clients and inspectors. Qualified inspectors are assigned to perform inspections by their level of experience, the number and type of professional certifications and degrees they possess, and their familiarity with the client and/or type of project. Field reports provide clear observations, conclusions, and next steps required for sign-off. Project managers familiar with assigned projects are ready to get in touch with you and help you find solutions to resolve any quality assurance issue.

03. Integrity and Accountability

At Twin Peaks, Inc., we recognize the vital importance of our duty to clients and the public in assuring the quality of buildings, bridges, and roads we inspect. We take our duty as Quality Assurance providers with utmost seriousness and have organized our business model to perform the following functions:

  • uphold the safety of end-users’ structures, facilities, sites, and infrastructure we inspect
  • provide our clients with accurate, timely, and relevant inspection reports of the project
  • protect our client’s investment in their projects by sharing our tested Q&A methods which will ensure all materials and methods of implementation under assigned scopes are of the highest quality and in accordance with approved drawings and specifications
  • protect our clients by certifying the quality of materials and building systems designated for our inspections

We prioritize clear and transparent coordination with clients and their designated representatives.

TPI inspectors are qualified to perform inspections per the requirements of relevant Building Codes, ASTM, and ANSI test standards.

All our inspectors, technicians, project managers, and administrative staff perform their duties following rigorous and regularly updated policies, procedures, and reference manuals. Administrative and technical staff undergo periodic re-training and internal evaluations to ensure that applicable rules, regulations, and procedures are being implemented and followed by all technical staff.

Twin Peaks, Inc. project managers create and maintain quality control documents for each project. They track the scope of work of the project; monitor the progress of inspections and tests; review reports and inspector performance for accuracy and sound methodology; and periodically update the client’s assigned representatives with the status of each inspection item and the overall project.

Under TPI’s Quality Management System, the Laboratory Manager and Field Operations Supervisor evaluate technical staff periodically to ensure that their performance consistently meets TPI’s high professional standards and client expectations. Randomized field evaluations and spot checks further monitor our inspectors’ technical performance, knowledge, and abilities.

All TPI equipment has unique serial numbers. They are inventoried, calibrated, and maintained for optimum performance and operations, in compliance with procedures and adherence to AASHTO R‐18 and International Standard ISO/IEC 17025. Comprehensive in-house audits of our Quality Control System are performed annually.

04. Experience

Twin Peaks Incorporated has practical experience in providing inspection and testing services for projects of all sizes and scopes. Our clients include private developers, public agencies, utility companies, mass transit systems, schools, universities, and several private-public partnerships. Our operations support projects in the NYC-metropolitan area, upstate New York, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Connecticut, and Northeast Pennsylvania.

We serve a multitude of infrastructure projects, including bridges, tunnels, highways, railways, airports, utilities, and all types of commercial projects.

Contact us to find out how our experienced and efficient field inspectors and project managers can proactively monitor and support your project.

05. Client-Centric Approach

Every project is different, with a unique set of technical requirements, client priorities, project teams, sites, budgets, and time limitations. We understand that success often requires knowledge, flexibility, communication, and out-of-the-box thinking to apply uniform technical standards to the highly variable particulars of every client and project.

Since 1992, TPI has developed a unique business model. Our time-tested management approach emphasizes conformance to clients’ schedules and evolving needs and priorities. Our project management team’s mission is to provide quality assurance services that support our clients’ project goals. TPI’s standard for success on each project is to swiftly and efficiently ensure that the methods and materials utilized on the job are in conformance with project plans, specifications, and building codes. The TPI client-centric approach to project management places value on delivering the best outcome for each project to maximize client satisfaction, yielding repeat business and a large number of new client referrals each year.

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