Toll Booth Removal and Plaza Reconstruction

Located at the mouth of upper New York Bay, the bridge not only connects Brooklyn with Staten Island but is also a major link in the interstate highway system, providing the shortest route between the Middle Atlantic states and Long Island.

The first eight unused eastbound toll booths were removed in 2010. In addition to removing the last three eastbound toll booths, the work included rehabilitating the plaza roadway from the Staten Island Expressway to accommodate traffic traveling at highway speeds. This work was necessary because the 1960s-era plaza roadways were originally designed to handle traffic under toll plaza stop-and-go conditions, which will no longer exist.The work completed by summer 2015.

Twin Peaks inc provided Special Inspections of Concrete, Soil, Structural Steel and Bolting for this project.

Paul J. Scariano, Inc.

Owner/ Agency of Jurisdiction:
Metropolitan Transportation Authority/ Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority

Project Start/ End Date:
05/2009 – 06/2010

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