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Twin Peaks provides special inspection services for all CUNY’s 300 buildings on 27 million square feet of space throughout the 5 Boroughs on a Task-Order Basis for a term of 3 years. We are currently working on a project to renovate HunterCollege’s laboratories. 3 Recent projects include the renovation of the Hunter College Art facility, the Hunter College Chemistry Labs, and an upcoming large renovation of the Baruch College Student Center.


Concrete field, plant, precast, placement, rebar, and post-installed anchors; Masonry; Structural Steel Welding, and Details Fire-Resistant Sprayed Materials, Penetrations and Joints, and Rated Construction; MEP Systems, including Mechanical, Emergency
Power (Generators), Smoke Control, Heating, and Sprinkler Systems; TR1 Progress Inspections; All TR8 Energy Code Compliance Inspections

Completed on March 17, 2018

TPI Role:
Special Inspections Agency and Construction Materials Testing Laboratory

City University of New York Construction Fund (CUCF)

Client Contact:
Lisa D’Amico, Procurement Officer

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