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Air quality monitoring

Proper Instrumentation and monitoring are necessary for the safe execution of large and mid- sized construction projects and projects involving or in close proximity to delicate or potentially hazardous features. TPI’s monitoring and instrumentation equipment enables our clients to keep a close eye on the safety of existing facilities and nearby structures. These monitors help manage liability and create a record of the actual impact operations have on existing structures. Twin Peaks uses the most up-to-date equipment necessary for monitoring the safety and stability of buildings, tunneling and earthwork. We also assist owners with risk factor identification and mitigation, design perfection and document compliance.
TPI monitors ensure the safety of existing structures and limit the liability owners and contractors face, should those structures sustain unrelated damage. It can be very challenging to develop subsurface structures in tunneling and excavation operations without knowing specific soil behavior underground. Safety of the public and workers on these projects depends upon the use of monitoring instruments gathering data that is then fed into analytical tools and advanced modelling used to generate these designs.

Instrumentation and monitoring Services Include

Vibration Monitoring
Settlement Monitoring through Survey or Automated Total Stations
Tilt Monitoring
Deformation Monitoring
Inclinometer Monitoring
Stress Monitoring
Real-time Groundwater Monitoring
Monitoring System Design and Integration
Web-Based Remote Monitoring System Development
Remote Video Surveillance
Pre- and Post- Construction Documentation

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