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NYCHA Hurricane Sandy Restoration Project at Red Hook Houses.

The NYCHA public housing in Red Hook is the largest NYCHA development in Brooklyn, and the second largest in New York City.It is where the overwhelming majority of Red Hook residents live. TPI is providing Special Inspections and Material Testing Services during the repair and remediation of NYCHA’s largest public housing development in Brooklyn, second largest in New York City. TPI’s inspections verify the quality of repair work on the extensively flood and wind damage caused by Superstorm Sandy and provided a sorely needed MEP utility structure to serve the 28 residential buildings with nearly 3,000 apartments.

Twin Peaks inc was determined to be the most qualified Special Inspections Agency Lab Testing provider and awarded this contract by the NCYHA’s designated Construction Manager, The LIRO Group. TPI provides the following inspections services throughout each phase of this project:

Concrete field, plant, precast, placement, rebar, and post-installed anchors; Masonry ; Structural Steel Welding, Details, Bolting, Erection, High Pressure Gas and Water/Steam Pipes, Fuel Oil Storage and Fuel Oil Piping Systems, and NDT Testing; Fire-Resistant Sprayed Materials, Penetrations and Joints, and Rated Construction; Asphalt compaction, Proctor, sieve, and soil classification lab testing, Asphalt density lab testing,Alternative Materials – OTCR Buildings Bulletin # BB 2009‐019; Soils, including Site Preparation, Excavations, Soil Compaction, Subsurface Investigations (Boring), and Percolation Tests, Private On-Site Storm Water Drainage Disposal Systems, and Detention Facilities Installation; MEP Systems, including Mechanical, Emergency Power (Generators), Smoke Control, Heating, and Sprinkler Systems; Deep Foundations, Seismic Isolation and Structural Stability, TR1 Progress Inspections; All TR8 Energy Code Compliance Inspections


New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

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